Tips for Promoting Your Business on Twitter

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You may not know this yet, but Twitter can significantly help your business grow. Using Twitter is one of the best decisions you can make for your business.  As one of the most used social media network, Twitter is a great platform to reach thousands or even millions of internet users and turn them into a potential customer.

Following are the tips that can aid you achieve your goals in no time!

Make a Content Strategy

Like Facebook, Twitter lets you share your thoughts through “tweets.” And like Instagram, you can share photos and videos on Twitter too. A content strategy is the planning of your content. This is done to ensure that the content posted in your Twitter account can help you reach your business goals.

It’s important to post content that give your audience a reason to follow your account. Aside from that, your content should catch the interests of your target audience always.

Getting the attention of your audience can help you reach the following:

Generate leads;

Increase brand awareness;

Establish yourself as an authority; and

Increase sales.

Regularly Post Tweets or Updates

Posting tweets regularly is the best way to promote your business on Twitter. Twitter is the social media platform that provides real-time information. Your followers’ tweet feed refreshes every second. As you post tweets regularly, you let your followers know more about your company.

Make use of the trending topics on your industry or niche when promoting your business. Using the trends is the best way to reach users who might be interested in your business.

Don’t Advertisement Too Much

Spamming your followers with your products and services in their feed might just annoy them. As a result, your followers will lose interest in your Twitter account. Same thing when posting sponsored tweets. Constantly promoting your business may just cause ad fatigue. Ad fatigue is when the target audience loses interest in your business.

Twitter is a social media platform. People use Twitter to communicate with their friends or colleagues. So instead of using Twitter to advertise, use it to connect with your target audience. Socialize or communicate with your audience. It’s important for you to know their interests and get their trust. Building a rapport with your customers can improve different aspects of your business.

Make Partnerships with Influencers

You need to make partnerships with influencers if you’re promoting your business on Twitter. Influencers can increase your reach because they are the popular people in your industry. Credit Glory is an example of one company that increased traffic 2,000% using influencers to push their article about how to improve credit scores. Influencers can promote your business in large Twitter users, and this could increase your sales immediately. Since influencers are already established authorities in your niche, it’s more likely that people will easily trust your business as well.

Make Use of the Promoted Tweets

Promoted tweets are paid tweets. It’ll appear on the tweet feed of your target audience even if they’re not yet following you. It’s best to use promoted tweets if you have special announcements for discounts, promotions, or exclusive offerings.

You have to pay a certain amount for using promoted tweets. So make sure that your tweets are aimed directly at your target audience.

Using Twitter for your business can open a lot of possibilities such as increased brand awareness and sales. Since Twitter is a social media platform, you should use it mainly for communication. Avoid using automated messages because people like to do business from brands that actually talks to them.

Other than that, keep your advertisements at a minimum. Remember that Twitter is a social media platform, people use it for communication. If you have something to advertise such as events or discounts, prefer using promoted tweets.